By providing additional services we intented to accompany our clients throughout each project's life cycle. For that purpose, we allocate resources and capacities to promote improvements and advise our clients from the initial stage of a project to delivery and after-sales service.

Development phase/stage

Development phase/stage

  • Development of specific products for each client.
  • In-company initial testing.
  • Collaboration with handling machine manufacturers and wire finish specialists.
  • I+D+i in processes.
  • Technical advising.
  • In-laboratory analysis.
Production Management Phase

Production management phase

  • Production Planning and process robustness.
  • Product traceability process management.
  • Process and quality control supervision.
  • ISO9001-2000 Certified processes.
  • Logistics management.
  • Instant response capacity.
  • Deviation warnings in real time.
After-sales phase

After-sales phase

  • Benchmark of clients satisfaction.
  • Claim and warranty process management.
  • Market trends in support to clients forecasts.